Historic Sporting Trials - 2024


PROVISIONAL 2024 dates– Historic sporting trials

2024 dates– Historic sporting trials & Heritage Sporting Trials
24th February 2024 (Saturday evening): Sywell Supper, Aviator Hotel, Sywell Aerodrome, near Northampton.
25th February 2024 (Sunday): MTCC, Sywell Historic Sporting Trial, Sywell Aerodrome, near Northampton.
16th March 2024: (Saturday) BTRDA training day Shelsley Walsh, Worcestershire
23rd March 2024:(Saturday): Southsea MC, Ron Faulkner Historic Sporting Trial. Langrish, Petersfield, Hants GU32 1QY
27th April 2024: VSCC Diffey’s Wessex Heritage Sporting Trial at Wells in Somerset. HERITAGE ROAD REGISTERED CARS ONLY – includes road mileage.
11th May 2024 (Saturday) and 12th May 2024 (Sunday) MTCC 2 Day Trial – Crewkerne, Somerset
?? TBA 2024 (Sunday): NPTCC Northern Historic Sporting Trial. Gale Hall, Cumbria (includes Heritage class)
3rd August 2024 (Saturday): HSCC; Historic Sporting Trial. Near Ware, Hertfordshire
9th November 2024(Saturday): Midland Trials Car Club. Historic Sporting Trial at Bradley Green, Wotton under Edge, Glos. GL1l2 7PN
1st December 2024 (Sunday): KBCC Monty Peters Historic Sporting Trial, West Malling Kent.
29th December 2024: Southsea Motor Club (&750MC) - Historic Plum Pudding Sporting Trial, Buriton, near Petersfield, Hampshire. GU31 5SN.
Further information on historic sporting trials contact: - Martyn Halliday – mobile 07739 464170 - email:



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